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Country Dance Basics

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Join us on Friday Nights for some country dancing at 7:00pm.  Our Country Dance Basics class is an event designed to get Newcomers dancing as fast as possible. Our goal is not to hold you back but, to instead, give you dance tools that will help you become a Good Country Dancer with great Country rhythm and style.

The Classes are $10.00 per person and open the public (no membership fee required)

The class will be held at the (I Dance event Center) 3001 NW 73rd St OKC. Okla.

Fill out our contacts form if you want to join..... or call us at 405-501-9487 

Visit us also at 2-Steppin' OKC and stay up on all the latest info on Country events happening in OKC and surrounding areas inside and outside of Oklahoma on Facebook.

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Call us Today:  405-501-9487

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