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Classes are $15.00 per person 
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 Latin Classes... Salsa and Bachata
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Please call in advance...  To let us know you are coming to a class!

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Create your own Dance Class with Instructor

Create a Class for your own friends... This is a great way to cut costs and create a special time to spend with your friends , while all learning  to dance a particular dance or multiple dances (you are in control of what you want to learn from your Class instructor). Creating your own group is $35.00. The $35.00 lets you be the organizer of the class enjoy all the classes at no charge. You can run this class as many times as you like. To get started you need at least (5 to 6 persons).  Keep on Dancing OKC will charge $10.00 per person. You can search out what dances you would like to learn by clicking on the button below... (Create it for your friends, associates or business. Great for an upcoming special event or just to get some exercise with close friends. while learning something new to great music

Create your own Dance Party with Instructor

Create a Ballroom dance party for your own friends... This is a great way to create a special time to have fun with your friends, dancing to all the popular Club/Ballroom style dances. You can create any style of party you want. Salsa style party, Ballroom style party, Swing party or a Country party etc.   

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