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Dance Styles Taught...

Couple Dancing Country 2=Step

Styles of  Ballroom Dances Taught


Foxtrot:       Danced to the Big Band sounds of some of the Biggest Crooners of our time.... Stars like Frank Sinatra, Dean martin, Vic Damone to name a few...!  

Waltz:                The Waltz is considered the Mother of all dances... It has brought together more Families and  than any other dance...!   

Songs associated with this style of dancing:    (Fascination) Nat King Cole  (Moon River) Andy Williams

Argentine Tango / Tango:              The Tango is exciting and passionate... originating in Argentina... there are two distinctive styles: The Ballroom (Big Band style),  and the Argentine style (for milonga style parties) The Tango is full of fancy footwork, foot flicks and fans.) 

Viennese Waltz:  The Viennese Waltz is the pre-cursor to the now more familiar Waltz...originating in the time of  Johan Strauss (Blue Danube),  Fast and fun! (the Dance of Royals)

Styles of Latin Dances Taught

Rumba:           The Rumba is romantic and sensual...the beat is of African origin...soft foot placements help create the soft rolling motion of the hips Dancers call Cuban motion! 

Song associated with this style of dancing:      (Mariposa Tracionera) Mana'

Cha Cha:    The Cha Cha has  syncopated drum beats (boom boom which creates Cuban triple rhythm ) which allows you to be able to dance to a lot of the Dance Club music. 

Song associated with this style of dancing:      (El Habana) JM La Formula

Salsa:           The Salsa is a dance style that is Hot,Hot, encourages you to let loose and have some fun... the music is exciting and fun to listen to...Latin Dancing at its finest!   

Song associated with this style of dancing:     (EL Nazareno) Ismael Rivera

Bachata:        The Bachata originated in the country side and rural neighborhoods of the Dominican republic danced in counts of 8 beats...Slower style of Latin dancing...easy to learn!  

Song associated withthis style of dancing:      (Inmortal) Inverno

Merengue:  The Merengue is a step on every beat dance with 8 count patterns (easy to learn and easy to Dance) can be very creative with your turns and footwork! 

Song associated with this style of dancing:     (Suavemente) Elvis Crespo 

Cumbia:         The Cumbia is a dance from the Latin country of Columbia... the music has a very distinctive beat that is vivacious and full of life... the steps have unique styling! 

Song associated with this style of dancing:     (Espacial) Raymix 

Styles of Swing Dances taught


E. Coast Swing:    The East Coast Swing-Jitterbug (1940's) is the most versatile of all the swing dances...there are single, double, triple step and Lindy rhythms you can use!   

Song associated with this style of dancing:    (CandyMan) Christine Aguilera

W. Coast Swing:  The West Coast Swing (1960's) came into existance from the lindy hop ...A smoother form of swing used for the new Jazz Swing sounds! 

Song associated with this style of dancing:    (Rude Boy) Rihanna

Hustle:                             The Hustle  (1970's)  brought forth through the disco era...can be danced to many music genres...Soul, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, R&B!   

Song associated with this style of dancing:    (When love takes over) Kelly Rowland

Styles of Country Dancing taught  

Two step:             The Two steps  first variation (1890,s) was closely related to Foxtrot. It was a mixture of the Foxtrot and the One step. It kept evolving with a country flair and is now standing on its own (Country Favorite!)

Song associated with this style of dancing:     (Suds in a Bucket) Sarah Evans

Oklahoma Shuffle:       Triple two step was created in the Dallas/Ft. Worth by two steppers looking for something new to dance. It feels like a progressive E  Coast swing turned into a smooth dance.

Song associated with this style of dancing:     (Boot Scoot Boogie)  Brooks and Dunn

Three Step:                       Three Step is a newer variation of country dance steps that integrate a different rhythm to country dance music.  Just like it sounds.... do one triple step and then a basic step

Song associated with this style of dancing:    (You gonna kiss me or not)  Thompson Square

Country Swing:    Country Swing is a newer variation country dance that integrates still another set of

rhythms to country dance music...has a similarity to the Hustle with its quick rocking motion ( lots of free style)

Song Associated with this style of dancing       (Why don't we just dance)  Josh Turn

Couple Learning to Dance Ballroom
Salsa Dancers having fun dancing
Student learning to Dance Swing
Couple Dancing Ballroom
Couple learning to Dance Salsa
Couple Dancing Swing
Learning to Dance Country 2-step

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