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Benefits of dancing! 

We have compiled a small list of immediate benefits that can be gained from learning to Dance. We want you to be comfortable in understanding what types of benefits you can derive from dancing and help you obtain them. We as teachers know that each person is different. So by understanding what your immediate desires are we can help you have a better experience. 



So here is a list of some benefits that can be yours:


*  Create a new hobby for yourself

*  Relaxation / Releasing of stress

*  Have more fun out of life

*  Acquire more grace and poise

*  Increased self confidence on the dance floor

*  Make an impression on others / Get more noticed

*  Increased popularity in social occasions 

*  Create new and lasting friendships

*  Satisfaction of accomplishment

*  Show your friends something new about you

*  Developing yourself 

*  Increased social ease and assurance

*  Exercise and Health

*  Had a long desire to learn to dance

*  Create an artistic avenue / Be apart of a beautiful Art

Health Benefits of Dancing


Dancing is a fantastic form of aerobic exercise and a great way to provide your heart with a healthy cardiovascular exercise. It will help build endurance, tone your body and give you more flexibility.



* Improves agility and flexibility

* Improves balance and coordination

* Improves cardiovascular health

* Improves muscle tone and strength

* maintains and builds bone strength

* aids in weight loss / maintaining weight loss

* improves memory and cognition

* improves mood

* reduces stress levels

* boosts self-esteem 


The therapeutic value of dancing is tremendous... it allows you to receive the above mentioned benefits while listening to the beautiful sounds of dance music. Dancing also allows you to let loose a creative outlet to bring forth your artistic side which, in turn gives you another avenue for you to enjoy and have fun in life... something we all need a little more of. 

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